A cloud-based control room

Centennial renovation of the landmark Ritz-Carlton Montréal

Ritz-Carlton Montreal renovation project
US$200 million

Streamlined collaboration

Coordinate between subcontractors, consultants, trades, project managers and your client from a single interface. Always know the status of documents and correspondence. Manage thousands or millions of items.

Enforce timely turnarounds

Drag-and-drop workflows let you structure review processes so everything from feasibility studies to commissioning happens more smoothly and follows best practices. For example, 73% of customers surveyed by TechValidate said they reduced turnaround times on defects by at least 40% with Aconex.

Your project at your fingertips

Project team members can access information from the web or a mobile device and find information fast with powerful, Google-like search technology.

Log in and get started

Aconex is typically deployed in just days. After an initial setup, project team members can immediately start work. An intuitive interface requires minimal training.

Master complexity. Minimize the risk of overruns.

Joint venture coordinates multiple public and private stakeholders on two-mile tunnel project under downtown Seattle

State Route 99 Tunnel under Seattle
US$1.4 billion

A project-wide view

GCs can immediately retrieve documents, drawings and models that have been shared with them. Automatic version control ensures that everyone is working from the most up-to-date file so decisions are based on accurate information.

Reduce bottlenecks

With the reporting tools included in our project collaboration software, it’s easy to stay on top of all overdue items and to identify and address hold-ups before they impact the schedule.

Integrated cost controls

Full progress and performance tracking with integrated cost, schedule and project information across your entire portfolio.

Resolve issues in real time

Boost productivity with a mobile app that lets inspectors capture and allocate issues in the field. Minimize re-work with accurate issue identification and arrange for resolution on the spot. For example, 73% of customers surveyed by TechValidate said they reduced turnaround times on defects by at least 40% with Aconex.

Secure, backed up and compliant

Hensel Phelps US Federal Office Building
US$160 million

Security expertise

Aconex is certified to the highest level of information security, undergoes annual third-party audits and is constantly evolving system safeguards to address a changing threat environment.

Automatic data retention

Every action on Aconex is captured in a permanent audit trail, along with permanent copies of documents and other files. Deflect disputes with a complete project record that is safeguarded by a third-party.

Proof of compliance

Easily retrieve compliance-related documentation and avoid the threat of work delays or project cost increases.

Project-wide suite

Manage information and processes between all companies on your project.

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