Gains for the entire project team

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)
US$500 million


Provide the transparency that’s necessary for more effective oversight. Easily locate and review documents or drill down on decisions.

General contractors

Structured communication, including proof of delivery, reduces the chances for messages to be lost or overlooked so coordination with subcontractors, consultants, trades etc. happens more smoothly.


Powerful reporting gives EPCs a 360-degree view of the project, including communications, documents, models and decisions, so issues that threaten the schedule or budget can be addressed early on.

Project managers

Project-wide workflows speed up review cycles, while increased visibility makes it easier for PMs to manage compliance requirements.

Road & Rail

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Road & Rail

Ideal for complex projects

JVs, PPPs and other complex structures require high levels of transparency. Aconex provides everyone with access to the information they need.

A track record of success

Large-scale billion dollar projects like the Dubai Metro and Denver’s Regional Transportation District FasTracks Transit Expansion Program have improved project efficiency with Aconex.

Security expertise

For more than a decade, Aconex has invested in information security. The platform has attained ISO 27001 certification, undergoes regular third-party reviews and is constantly updated to respond to the latest threats.

Water & Waste

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Water & Waste

Smarter decisions

Team members find the information they need to make informed decisions with Google-like search, while automatic version control ensures they are always working from the most up-to-date documents.

Unlimited users and usage

There’s no restrictions on how many project participants can use Aconex, how many files they can upload or how much data they use.

Rapid rollouts

Deploy in less than two weeks. A simple and intuitive web-based solution, Aconex offers unparalleled training and support for any member of your project team who wants to learn more.

Aviation & Port

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Aviation & Port

Focus on projects

Big public works projects can generate voluminous requests for information from the public and from regulators. With Aconex you can quickly respond without losing focus on project deliverables.

Minimize disputes

A permanent audit trail captures every interaction on the platform, from correspondence to document edits and model markups, so it’s less likely that team members will seek to resolve differences in court.


Project team members can work from anywhere, even remote global areas, increasing adoption and productivity.

Project-wide suite

Manage information and processes between all companies on your project.

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KPH Turcot
Valley Metro
Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)

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Denver Regional Transit on the benefits of using Aconex.