Oracle completed the acquisition of Aconex in March 2018. Aconex has become part of Oracle Construction and Engineering. This web site will be redirected to on February 28th, 2019.

Take control of interface management

As an EPC on Oil & Gas projects, Interface Management can get complicated fast, particularly if using email and spreadsheets. With Aconex, you identify, define, manage and close out complex interfaces from a single, collaborative platform. Ensure subsystem compatibility, coordinate specialist contractors, and keep vendors aligned across all your projects for successful delivery. 

Oversight of every interface

One view tells you which issues you need to respond to, and by when.

Visibility, project-wide

Identify and monitor all interfaces on your projects in real time. Standardized processes and automation allow you to easily review and respond to issues across organizations and regions.

A trusted brand

Used by nine of the top ten global EPCs and the largest oil and gas projects, Aconex provides the highest levels of availability, security and reliability.

Secure sharing

All information is secure, and cannot be accessed outside a company's data store unless it is explicitly shared, protecting IP and building trust.

Designed for global teams

Custom-build workflows to manage interface information consistently across the project.

Built for scale

Manage large volumes of interface information and communication on one platform, unifying processes across organizations and international borders.

Get started fast

Start tracking interface information in days. With a pre-configured, cloud-based system, no new software or hardware is required.

Powerful reporting

Monitor progress with graphical reporting and real-time analytics that show interface status by organization, discipline, due date and more.

A measurable impact on project risk

Metadata and keyword searching means you find what you're looking for, fast.

A complete record

Minimize disputes with a permanent audit trail that captures everything from project communications to interface queries.

Find queries fast

Quickly locate and manage interface or queries, operational progress, and communication trails with a sophisticated search toolkit that includes metadata and keyword search capabilities.

Proactive compliance

A central place for communications, interface management and workflows reduces the effort required for regulatory compliance.