Set a standard for managing project information and processes

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Il Savoy
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Unlike most construction management software, Aconex lets you control information and processes across internal and external organizations.

Unlimited collaboration

Store, distribute and manage any number of files, any size and any type with any number of project participants without additional cost.

Take charge of timelines

Easily create workflows and enforce deadlines for common tasks and industry processes. Avoid the penalties of a slipped schedule.

BIM, built in

Create a single, interconnected source of project data. With Aconex, the whole project team can distribute and mark up BIM models without using expensive authoring software.

Put transparent processes in place

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Centrale elettrica Battersea
13,6 miliardi di dollari USA

Land acquisition and permitting

Store documents related to land acquisition and permitting together with all your other project information for a complete record of a project’s lifecycle from inception to handover.

Design reviews

From schematic designs to shop drawings, streamline review and approval processes by using Aconex workflows. Know who is reviewing any document at any time.

Green certification

Manage LEED and similar compliance documentation together with the rest of your project information and avoid duplicated work.

Stakeholder coordination

Keep all communication with architects, consultants and public agencies in one place. Share correspondence with team members and access it from anywhere.

Save time from bidding to close-out

Aconex aiuta Mangiavacchi Pedercini a garantire la conformità al "Testo unico della sicurezza" italiano

Mangiavacchi Pedercini - Italia

Bid management

Find qualified bidders, invite bids by trade, send out packages and manage responses from one intuitive interface. Reduce bid processing times by half.

RFIs and change orders

Put structure around the process for submitting and approving RFIs and change orders. Aconex customers receive RFI responses 43% faster than the industry average.


Ensure all building systems are fully functional. Resolve issues and fix defects faster with our mobile inspection application, Aconex Field.

Handover and close-out

Aconex Smart Manuals lets you quickly compile handover documents and update as-built information with just a few clicks. Meanwhile, a full audit trail helps settle unresolved claims.

The Aconex advantage

Centro Finanziario di Abu Dhabi

Centro Finanziario di Abu Dhabi

Mobile apps

Award-winning mobile construction apps let you get more work done on site—everything from reviewing plans and O&M information to field inspections.

Deploy in days

Because we’re 100% cloud, there's no need for additional hardware or software, and an intuitive interface coupled with unlimited global support guarantees a speedy rollout.

Proven security

Distributing information on Aconex is as safe as sharing it behind your firewall thanks to rigorous information security practices that are certified by third parties.

Global support

Available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, Aconex is supported by local experts in 40 locations around the world.

Project-wide suite

Manage information and processes between all companies on your project.

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Edilizia residenziale e commerciale

13,6 miliardi di dollari USA
Centrale elettrica Battersea

Centrale elettrica Battersea

Abbiamo selezionato Aconex per la potenza della sua piattaforma e per la sua esperienza nel tracciamento di progetti di questa portata e con questi obiettivi.

Rob Tincknell

Edilizia residenziale e commerciale

Luanda Towers

Aconex dispone di una rete mondiale in grado di assistere i partecipanti al progetto in qualsiasi luogo.

Joao Veiga
Project Manager

Edilizia residenziale e commerciale

Aconex aiuta Mangiavacchi Pedercini a garantire la conformità al "Testo unico della sicurezza" italiano

Mangiavacchi Pedercini - Italia

Aconex ha dimostrato di essere una soluzione efficiente, rapida e sicura.

Tiziana Fusari