Maintain control with a project-wide platform

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital – Australia’s most advanced healthcare facility

Royal Adelaide Hospital
US$1.9 billion

A single system

A central, neutral platform allows everyone to collaborate securely and gather all project information, including documents, decisions and correspondence in one location.

Implement standard processes

Configurable mail forms and automated workflows put standard structures around processes and ensure everyone is following agreed best practices.

Your project at your fingertips

Project team members can access information from the web or mobile devices and find information fast with powerful Google-like search technology.

Easily collect project information

Cloud and mobile technology scales to projects of any size, across regions, streamlining processes from bidding to inspections and commissioning.

Accountability and compliance across the entire lifecycle

Odebrecht Panama Metro Line 2
US$1.8 billion

A full audit trail

Every action and all shared information is captured in a permanent audit trail. A complete project record where nothing can be deleted.

Meet regulatory obligations

Easily compile information to demonstrate compliance with contractual agreements and regulatory requirements.

Smarter handover and operations

Collect O&M information during the build phase for a complete handover. Find asset information fast with on-site access from a Windows® tablet.

Tap into a project archive

Safeguard information and meet quality assurance requirements with complete retention of project documents and data including version history.

Stay on schedule and protect your margin

EPFC Corp Enterprise

Boost performance

Complete visibility at every step for the whole project team increases accountability, accuracy and overall quality of work.

Integrated cost controls

Full progress and performance tracking with integrated cost, schedule and project information.

Real-time reporting

Powerful reporting shows at a glance whether a project is deviating from schedule so you can take action and avoid delays.

Work from anywhere

Manage your projects with our mobile construction apps. Project information in the palm of your hand means you can be efficient and productive wherever you are.

Project-Wide Suite

Manage information and processes between all companies on your projects.

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