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Built to scale

Education and health projects typically involve dozens of organizations, hundreds of people and hundreds of thousands of documents and messages. With Aconex you can manage very large amounts of data without a second thought.

Keep everyone informed

Access to the right information at the right time can be a challenge. Aconex keeps track of who has the right to see which document and provides secure access anytime, anywhere through a web browser and mobile apps.

Perfect for PPPs and JVs

Aconex supports the intricate information flows, reviews and approvals that are necessary to meet project timelines and keep all parties informed and accountable, regardless of project structure.

Reduced risk

Mitigate future risk by improving accuracy during design and construction and by capturing every document and decision to support operations and maintenance down the road.

The ABCs of better processes

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A shorter, easier bidding process

Replace traditional methods of gathering bids via email, courier or FTP sites with an electronic process that eliminates last-minute printing, collating and mailing and is compatible with any file format. Save as much as six days per package.

A faster start

Start work in weeks instead of months. Reduce the time to bring new trade contractors onboard by capturing their bids electronically.

A more collaborative environment

Agree on review and workflow steps in advance and then implement them in Aconex. Do away with skipped steps and missed milestones across the team.

More efficient drawing reviews

Shave hours off of drawing review cycles by eliminating manual steps, such as uploading individual documents.

Improved information management

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Automated document control

Register a document once and rely on Aconex to track all subsequent versions so no one ever ends up working with an outdated design, drawing or BIM model.

Turn around RFIs faster

Google-like search lets project members find information fast and retrieve documents quickly on the go.

Built-in data compliance

Electronic copies of all documentation are easily created to meet compliance requirements by simply tagging documents, drawings, etc., making them easy to share with auditors.

Better stakeholder communication

Use Aconex mail to keep everyone abreast of what’s happening on the project, knowing that no messages can be deleted or misplaced.

The Aconex advantage

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Early delivery

The Graham Group delivered an expansion of Kelowna General Hospital in British Columbia seven months early thanks to more efficient processes implemented in Aconex.

Simplified facility handover

Tag drawings and other documents when they are first uploaded to Aconex. Later, run a simple “handover” search to compile final documentation.

World-class information security

Aconex conforms to the highest security standards and undergoes periodic external audits.

Claims management, minimized

Reduce the need for change orders and head off future disputes by making sure subtrades are working from the correct version of a project design.

Project-wide suite

Manage information and processes between all companies on your project.

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