Partners you can trust

As the #1 cloud platform for managing information and processes on the world's largest projects, the Aconex network connects the top construction, engineering, project management and design firms. Along with our partners, we develop and deliver innovative solutions to help clients achieve success in their projects. The result? They capture more information, manage complexity better, and have real-time control across their multi-party projects.

Sales Partners

If you are an established provider of technology and value added solutions in the construction and engineering industries, consider becoming a Sales Partner. The Aconex platform will allow you to extend the range and value of technology and services you provide to your clients, opening up significant new revenue opportunities for your organization.

Integration Partners

Aconex Web Services APIs allow pre-qualified Integration Partners to build connectors between Aconex and other industry solutions, to help clients meet compliance requirements, capture project data in enterprise systems without double entry, provide consistent data quality across systems, and automate document distribution and communication. As an Integration Partner you will be exposed to some of the industry-leading firms that have selected Aconex to manage their project information and processes.

Product partners

If you offer a solution that complements Aconex and delivers additional value to clients, consider becoming a Product Partner. With several hundred sales and support personnel across the globe, Aconex is well positioned to promote your product or service to our base of over 500,000 clients and users.