We believe in fair, transparent deals without creeping expenses or unexpected fees. What you get should be clear from the start.

We know that every project and every customer is different. That’s why we offer pricing flexible to your business, whether you’re getting started with your first project on Aconex or running tens of projects at a time.

Unlimited-use pricing

Our most widely adopted pricing plan, designed for companies that would like to pay a fixed fee for one or multiple projects. Included in this pricing:

  • Setup – fast and professional configuration of the platform
  • Aconex Unlimited – unlimited users + unlimited data + unlimited training and support… for every organization on your project!

With unlimited-use pricing, your investment in Aconex is calculated before you get started, no additional costs, ever. It’s as easy as that.

User-based pricing

If you’re just getting your feet wet with Aconex and prefer to purchase a predefined number of licenses for participants on your project, we offer a user-based pricing model. Like all of our pricing programs, you will enjoy:

  • Setup – fast and professional configuration of the platform
  • Unlimited data + unlimited training and support… for any licensed users on your project, inside or out of your organization.

As your project grows, you can add additional user licenses at any time.

No matter which pricing plan you select, Aconex delivers you peace of mind with clear pricing and no hidden fees. Contact us today so we can discuss which pricing will work best for your project.