At the end of your project, complete and accurate records are critical. Do without an archive and you can put your project, and maybe even your business, at risk. Email records aren't up to the task. Hard copy records are more about printing, filing and storage than they are about finding what you need when you need it.

Your Aconex project archive is a complete and searchable record of all captured information and communication.

Improved control and compliance

  • Meet quality assurance requirements
  • Depend on robust information security
  • Reduce the risk of information loss.

Increased speed & efficiency

  • Find and retrieve information instantly
  • Save on physical storage and archive administration costs
  • Lessen your environmental impact by minimizing paper usage and waste.

Project mail

  • Full mail search, just like the online platform (excluding drafts)
  • Browse the full thread of any mail
  • Download mail attachments
  • Print individual mail items.


  • Full document search, just like the online platform (for registered documents)
  • Complete metadata for every document
  • Complete version history of every document
  • Download or open each document
  • View event logs in full, flattened TIFF versions for documents containing mark-ups - in addition to the original files.

Choose between online and offline delivery:

Online: your premium choice.

  • Access your company’s entire set of project information, stored on the Aconex platform
  • Fully-for storage, search and retrieval
  • Ultimate data security and redundancy
  • Anywhere, anytime access over the Internet, through a secure login
  • Authority for multiple staff members to access archived data
  • Available in multiples of seven years, or for an agreed term.

Offline: on your own premises.

  • Your project mail and documents on memory stick or hard drive
  • Browser-based user interface is similar to the familiar Aconex platform
  • Export search results metadata to Excel
  • Can be created for a specified date range, or for the full duration of the project
  • Navigate between multiple archived projects from the same interface.