China Road and Bridge Moves OBOR Pakistan Motorway Forward with Aconex

Project name: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor - KKH Thakot-Haveliān Motorway Section | Industry: Road & RailLocation: Pakistan

The 3,000 kilometers-long Thakot-Haveliān Motorway project is a major component of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The motorway links Pakistan’s three Arabian Sea ports to the rest of the country through its national network of highways and motorways, and further north with Afghanistan, Central Asia and China, as a part of the One Belt One Road Initiative.


  • Managing vast amounts of information across many organizations in various locations.
  • Ensuring accurate version control throughout review cycles and scope changes across the project.
  • Efficiently executing complex workflows and approvals to maintain an aggressive schedule.
  • Ensuring mobile access to improve field productivity and minimize manual administration.


  • Central repository for all documents, drawings, correspondence, and workflows across all organizations on the project.
  • Version control to ensure everyone is using the correct document version and has access to the entire document history.
  • Configurable workflows to easily manage and track all project processes.
  • Aconex Field to reduce time per inspection through on-site mobile access and processing.


  • Saved significant amounts of time accessing, transmitting and tracking project information.
  • Reduced miscommunications and the risk of rework by ensuring everyone is working from the current versions of documents.
  • Accelerated approval cycles through configurable workflows.
  • Reduced time per inspection to facilitate more inspections and the capture of more issues.
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