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Egypt’s National Authority for Tunnels Digitizes over 75% of Project Processes in 2 Months

Project name: Line 3 of Greater Cairo Metro Network – Phase 3 | Industry: Road & RailLocation: Cairo, Egypt

Egypt’s National Authority for Tunnels, (NAT), identified an opportunity to transform the way they do business and deliver projects. They fast forwarded from traditional paper based processes to standardizing on a modern project-wide platform to manage all of their project processes. Following a 2 month period of running parallel processes, NAT was over 75% digital.


  • Managing the archive and access of 1M plus as - built documents per project
  • Having visibility into all project processes being managed by JV contractors
  • Efficiently training their 400 project engineers, who move from project to project
  • Being able to predictably meet a tight schedule deadline in order to avoid significant penalties for a schedule delay


  • Complete information management system for use from design through operations
  • Central platform providing visibility and trackability into all project processes
  • Fast and accurate reporting to identify bottlenecks early and keep the project on track


  • Cross organization workflow cycles were sped up by a minimum of 50%, from approximately 15-20 days, to 7-9 days. Routing of hard copies has been eliminated.
  • Submittal management takes half as long as it did before Aconex. What is now, no more than 14 working days maximum and contractual obligated, in the past could have taken up to 28 working days.
  • Internal correspondence has been sped by at least 25% and the need for printing and hard copy signing has been eliminated.
  • Filing and searching for documents is fast, easy and accurate. It is clear that the most current version is being accessed.
  • The cost of a building to house the 1 Million as-built drawings per project as well as the cost of the document controller to manage access, has been eliminated. Additionally, not only the as-built drawings, but also the design and construction documents are now archived in Aconex and available to operations and future project teams.
  • By moving to Aconex for all document management and review cycles, NAT has achieved 0 lost documents/drawings.
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