Parsons Saves Estimated $5.5M on Technical Document Reviews on I-405

Project name: Parsons Interstate 405 | Industry: Road & RailProject size: US $1.2 Billion | Location: Orange County, California, U.S.A.

This four‐year design‐build project will improve 16 miles of I‐405 between the SR‐73 freeway in Costa Mesa and I‐605 near the L.A. County line. The project includes adding one regular lane in each direction from Euclid Street to I‐605 and making improvements to freeway entrances, exits and bridges and add express lanes.


  • Managing the complicated contractor submittal review process across thousands of reviewers from up to 30 organizations.
  • Cross organizational collaboration on technical provisions reviews.
  • Utility coordination of the over 100 electric, telephone, gas, water and sewage lines which need to be relocated.
  • Managing the vast amount of documentation including thousands of submittals using error prone manual document control methods.


  • Created specific workflows to manage reviews for each submittal type.
  • Set up workflows to manage cross organization collaboration which provided complete visibility and reporting capability.
  • Used meta data to assign a specific number per utility which was used for all access, tracking and reporting.
  • Automated workflows and developed a codification manual to reduce the number or document controllers.


  • Improved quality and efficiency of the submittal process reduces errors, rework and claims, helping to reduce contingency by US$1.375M
  • Reduced the review cycles on technical documents by 1/3. With 35 reviewers, this is an estimated savings of $5.5M over the project life.
  • Automated utility tracking to reduce manpower from three full time engineers to 30 minutes per day by a document controller, $860K over the project life.
  • Eliminated need for five document controllers, saving $US1.6M over the project life.
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