Consortium VINCI Construction Grands Projets – EMCC – Sodraco International speeds document submission by 50%

Project name: Kingston Container Terminal Phase 1 | Industry: Aviation & PortProject size: US$150 million | Location: Kingston, Jamaica


  • Information transfer through project team turnover.
  • Access to all relevant project information by the entire project team.
  • Lost or miscommunicated information, causing project inefficiencies.
  • Requirement for a complete project record.


  • Consistent project-wide document and process management to facilitate communications between consortium participants and the client.
  • Configurable workflows to manage review and approval cycles and provide a full audit trail of actions.
  • Easy transmission, receipt and tracking of all project communications, with no file size or format issues and no lost emails.
  • Efficiencies from leveraging Aconex across multiple sections for process improvement, reduced training and access to relevant data from past projects.


  • 50% faster document submission. Every step of the review process (internal and external) is now completed in a common database, Aconex.
  • Time savings and quality improvement through robust search capabilities and a complete record of all project communications.
  • This quick search tool is saving 5 to 10 minutes a day to each user depending of the frequency of their use of the database.
  • Time savings from eliminating overloaded mailboxes and undeliverable files.
  • The 100 users on Aconex each save 30 minutes per week in archiving.
  • The implementation of distribution lists saves time for the document controller on a daily basis and ensures no one is missed in the transmittal of the documents.
  • Online reviews have reduced the need to print drawings.
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