AECOM builds out Boston’s Green Line with Aconex

Project name: AECOM Green Line Extension | Industry: Road & RailProject size: Multi-billion $US  | Location: Boston, Massachusetts

AECOM and HNTB formed a joint venture to provide design services for the Green Line Extension project, a multi-billion-dollar infrastructure initiative of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. The development will extend the oldest light-rail line in the U.S. to improve public transit service, air quality and travel times, while reducing automobile congestion, in densely populated areas.


  • High-profile government project.
  • Adherence to a Safety and Security Certification Plan for government-approved design criteria.
  • Tracking and reporting of 400 certifiable elements in 12 different disciplines across seven contracts.
  • 3,000-7,000 drawings per contract, with more than 500 common specification sections.


  • Aconex platform for deep collaboration across multiple organizations and users.
  • Clear interconnection between design files and hundreds of certifiable items, contracts, drawings, and submittals.
  • Efficient reviews and processing of information to meet contractual time limits and avoid fees and penalties.
  • Neutral repository for all documents and communications issued to the client.


  • $500,000 per year saved in employee costs – reduction from seven to two.
  • $300,000 per year saved from additional employees required to track certifiable elements through multiple contracts.
  • Nearly 50% reduction of contractor submittal turnaround times, from 30 days to 17. 
  • Three times faster document search and retrieval. 



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