Aguas Pacífico Anticipates 50% Faster Audit Process

Project name: Aconcagua | Industry: Water & WasteProject size: US$162 million | Location: Valparaiso, Chile

Aquas Pacífico SpA designs, finances, builds, and operates seawater desalination plants in Chile and abroad. the Aconcagua Project which will supply 1,000l/s of desalted potable water for industrial and residential purposes. Aquas Pacífico looked to Aconex to elevate the company’s project management: both in terms of operational execution and cost management.


  • Information dispersed between the working team and their different systems: computers frequently had old versions of documents and physical documents were still frequently used but not easy to locate.
  • Lack of consistent order or structure to the documentation across organizations meant that document versions and drawings were difficult to control. 
  • Reporting required a significant amount of time to collate relevant information from multiple sources and it was hard to ensure completeness of reporting.


  • Aconex instills internal order to project management: both in terms of operational execution and cost management.
  • Centralized, standardized, and codified information align the working team.
  • Unrivaled total control over the project: across both external and internal teams working simultaneously from multiple locations.
  • Reporting is quick, easy, and agile to produce: enabling measurement of progress against critical milestones. 


  • The audit process is anticipated to be 50% faster, more complete and produce better results than the process would have through a manual process, since all documents and drawings are easily accessible through Aconex.
  • Documents and drawings can be found in just a few clicks. It is much faster than using the past process.
  • Assurance of correct versioning and consistent access to the right documents has improved quality and decreased disputes.
  • Quality inspections are anticipated to take half the time compared to doing inspections via a traditional paper-based system because documents are organized and easily located in the cloud.
  • Traceability of documents significantly reduces execution timings and facilitates optimal control of the project.
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