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AKTOR-YAPI-L&T-STFA-AL JABER ENGINEERING JV reduces rework and errors by 50%

Project name: Gold Line Metro | Industry: Road & RailLocation: Qatar

The 5 JV Partners making up AKTOR-YAPI-L&T-STFA-AL JABER ENGINEERING needed a system that would support the complex project coordination, real-time communication with the client and the PMC, and also be a reliable point of reference for over 2,000 employees and subcontractors for project documentation on the prestigious Gold Line Metro Megaproject.


  • Coordination and collaboration across 5 JV partners on multi-billion dollar project.
  • Managing communication and access across geographically dispersed teams (14 construction sites, 10 design teams and 203 subcontractors).
  • Tracking and monitoring hundreds of review cycles across the project.
  • Providing a common data environment for more than 12 million documents and more than 2,000 employees and partners.


  • Cloud based system to which all 5 JV partners have equal access and rights.
  • Platform accessible from anywhere via PC and mobile with 24/7 support for the entire project team.
  • Configurable workflows providing real time tracking to manage all project review cycles.
  • A secure system with no file type, size or space constraints.
  • Real time reporting tool for: overdue workflows, processing time for document types, departments etc.


  • Over 50% reduction in rework and errors through access to on time accurate info.
  • 50% faster review cycles, from 28 days to 14, using Aconex enabled simultaneous reviews.
  • 50% fewer document controllers needed. 22 document controllers manage the over 12M documents on this megaproject. It would have taken 44 without Aconex.
  • Document controllers are spending more time effectively managing information and processes to assist the users instead of handling documents. 
  • Aconex trackable workflows have enabled very minimal overdue documents; without Aconex, penalties for overdue documents could have been a substantial cost to the JV. 
  • Efficiency in maintaining environmental sustainability by helping to reduce the use of polluting consumables in the State of Qatar, such as printing and copying of documents. 
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