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Xstrata expands Tintaya copper mine with Aconex

Project name: Antapaccay Copper Mine | Industry: MiningProject size: US$1.5 billion | Location: Southern Peru

The Antapaccay copper mining project is a major, low-cost, brownfield expansion of the Tintaya copper mine in southern Peru, located approximately 10 kilometers from the Tintaya open pit mine. The Antapaccay deposit will increase annual copper in concentrate production by 60% to an average of 160,000 tons for the first six years and transform the mine into a long-life business with at least 20 years of operations. The copper ore will be processed in a 70,000-ton-per-day concentrator facility, and the concentrate will be transported by truck to Matarani Port for shipment to customers worldwide.


  • More than 3,000 people involved in the mine’s construction.
  • Requirement to deliver two gigabytes of project data to Australia, the U.S., Argentina, Peru, and Chile.
  • Cost of software licenses and hardware to support the project team.
  • Risk of delays and rework due to inadequate document version control.


  • System was up and running – and the project team was trained – within two weeks.
  • Platform is easy to learn and use for the team, 30% of which are local tradespeople.
  • Critical project documents are transmitted and reviewed on time.
  • Document version control ensures that team members always work from the latest versions.


  • Ease of use facilitates the onboarding of new team members as the project progresses.
  • Document reviews between geographically dispersed team members occur without delays.
  • Risk is reduced through document management with version control.
  • Project pricing results in significant savings in software and hardware.
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