BATEG Manages Project Information on Site in real time

Project name: BATEG SFR Campus | Industry: Residential & CommercialLocation: Saint-Denis, France

BATEG was contracted by SFR to build its campus in Saint-Denis. The new SFR headquarters consolidates staff previously spread out over four sites in the Paris region. The project included offices with nearly 8,500 workstations, a conference center, restaurants, a gym and several gardens.


  • Coordinating the work of 150 direct or indirect subcontractors.
  • Ensuring smooth site operations through precise evaluation of human resource requirements.
  • Managing thousands of documents, including drawings, computation reports and technical data sheets during project preparation.
  • Meeting strict deadlines and staying within budget.
  • Document management and status reporting.
  • Real-time mobile inspections and issue management.
  • Flexibility of document workflows to track the progression of project tasks at the construction site.
  • Precise monitoring and coordination of the different companies participating in the project.
  • Mobile entry of all inspection comments on site for improved accuracy and efficiency.
  • Direct notification of project participants impacted by defects. 
  • Platform flexibility to quickly adapt to evolving project requirements.
  • Continuous availability and high quality of technical support.
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