Canterbury Earthquake Recovery | Aconex

New Zealand rebuilds after the earthquake – with Aconex

Project name: Canterbury Earthquake Recovery | Industry: Residential & CommercialProject size: US$1.9 billion | Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery program repaired more than 180,000 properties damaged by earthquakes and provided emergency response. This was one of the largest development programs in New Zealand’s history.


  • Devastating human impact of earthquake damage and urgency of recovery efforts.
  • High volume of project information – claims, documents and correspondence.
  • Requirement for secure, reliable, accurate information management systems.
  • Critical importance of capturing and tracking all commitments and deliverables.


  • Secure, central, cloud-based platform for stakeholders and project participants to access and distribute information.
  • Document management with version control to ensure team focus on the latest versions of drawings and documents.
  • Automated workflows for controlling reviews, approvals and other essential construction processes.
  • Complete and permanent record of all project decisions and actions in an audit trail.


  • Managed 530,000 claims for property damage and repair.
  • Reduced printing and paper usage.
  • Reduced administrative costs for copying, delivering and managing documents.
  • Improved efficiency, accountability and transparency across the project team.
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