China Harbour Engineering Company achieves 120% increase in system adoption.

Project name: Asian Rail Megaproject | Industry: Road & RailProject size: US$13.4 billion | Location: Asia

China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd is a subsidiary of China's largest contractor - China Communications Construction Company Ltd. The leadership of the company recognized the need to adopt a project management system that was verified by top Megaprojects around the world. After careful evaluation, Aconex was selected as the collaborative document management platform for this project.


  • Managing a mega-project consisting of huge investment, complex construction, over 100 organizations and a long project life cycle and multi-party participation.
  • Lack of project wide standardization and informatization management making it difficult to achieve effective control of the schedule, cost and quality and collaborate efficiently.
  • Lack of enterprise-level project management platform to aggregate and analyze the status of the company in real time.
  • Geographically dispersed linear engineering makes it hard to capture the key indicators of the project.
  • Communication with the local government departments is complex and inefficient; the approval processes and document management are dispersed and inconsistent.
  • Claims management, change management and information management for the overseas projects are inefficient.


  • One central system with unlimited users.
  • Secure cloud-based system accessible in multiple languages and across the globe.
  • Robust version control and linking capabilities.
  • Neutral platform which encourages adoption by all team members.


  • 40% faster to find documents and drawings.
  • 120% increase in adoption. More organizations are participating on Aconex than on the past system.
  • Vast improvement in the efficiency of processing project documents.
  • Significant improvement in level of cross organization collaboration.
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