China Major Bridge Engineering Co was up and running on the GuangFo Expressway Foshan section S4 Project in 3 weeks.

Project name: GuangFo Expressway Foshan section S4 Project | Industry: Road & RailLocation: Foshan, China

China Major Bridge Engineering Co has designed and constructed more than 1500 bridges at home and abroad. They were looking for a solution to more efficiently manage project information, collaboration and review cycles.


  • Communication and coordination across JV.
  • Project collaboration with subcontractors.
  • Efficiently managing complex review and approval cycles.
  • Standardizing information management.


  • Templates and best practices to get up and running quickly.
  • Neutral platform equally accessible to all organizations.
  • Configurable workflows to meet all project needs.
  • Flexible naming and numbering conventions to provide standardization across the project.


  • Project up and running 75% faster. Within 3 weeks on Aconex, compared to 3 months previously.
  • 40% faster review and approval cycles across RFIs, Submittals and Drawing reviews.
  • 75% faster document compilation for handover. 20 days compared to 3 months.
  • Sped monthly report preparation by 60%, from a week to 2 days.
  • Need 66% fewer document controllers. Just 1 now and needed 3 in the past.
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