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CODAH has sped RFI cycles by 50%+ from roughly seven to ten days to on average two to four days

Project name: Digital City and Normandy Management School project | Industry: Health & EducationLocation: France

The Communauté de l’Agglomération Havraise (CODAH) was working on the Digital City and Normandy Management School project and utilized BIM to help create a collaborative approach across a large and diverse project team. They needed a solution to manage the high volume of interactions and information across the two separate parts of the project as well as provide an audit trail to help manage the correspondence throughout the project lifecycle.


  • RFI documents via email meant limited storage capacity, no tracking, transparency, audit trail or searchability of information.
  • Management of information through shared spreadsheets created a versioning risk as well as issues with document distribution lists.
  • Workflow management based on approvals of emailed or paper documents created delays or incomplete tasks.
  • No BIM meant that no collaborative space for project participants to view, share or store models.


  • A searchable document management system that stores correspondence as soon as it’s shared and tracks communication across the project.
  • Simultaneous uploading of documents that are version controlled and can capture revisions in one place from multiple devices including smartphones.
  • Greater control, visibility and assignment of tasks making it easier for managers to notify team members and also for team members to progress tasks.
  • BIM allows project participants to share models as well as add and share comments or edits in one place.


  • 50%+ faster RFI cycles. Cycles which used to take roughly seven to ten days, now take on average two to four days.
  • 90%+ faster large file exchange. lIt used to take 30 minutes to exchange with other project participants but now it takes just two to three minutes.
  • 50% fewer resources to tracking transmittals and responses.  What used to be handled by two people now only requires one person, freeing time for other activities.
  • 80% faster access to documents. It used to take up to 15 minutes to search for documents, now it’s done in a few minutes. 
  • Previously with Outlook, emails could easily be missed or lost. That doesn’t happen anymore.
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