50-70% faster to respond to Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests

Project name: Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) | Industry: Road & RailProject size: US$500 million | Location: Colorado, USA

CDOT and the High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE), an independent, government-owned business, are engaged in multiple highway infrastructure projects, including the US 36 Express Lanes, I-25 North, I-70 East, and C-470. These projects fall under the HPTE’s mandate to pursue more efficient ways of financing infrastructure projects, such as public private partnerships (P3), design-build contracting and other methods of alternative delivery.


  • State mandate for project records management and systematic processes for managing all aspects of P3 projects.
  • Limitations of enterprise file-sharing software for large engineering documents and cross organization review cycles.
  • Managing a project impacting a currently used major public highway.
  • Taking a 30-year view into the operations of their concession to operate and maintain Central 70, the largest transportation project the state has undertaken.


  • Project-wide platform that provides transparency.
  • Proven industry specific configurable system to meet specific project requirements.
  • Robust information management to reduce errors and delays on a highly visible project.
  • Complete and accessible project record referenceable throughout the life of the project.


  • Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests took days to prepare and respond to. Now, with Aconex, it takes just hours. A 50-70% time savings.
  • By having all RFIs located in one place –in Aconex, reviews can occur simultaneously and review times have improved by about 20%.
  • The need for 1-2 full time equivalent project engineers or administrators to track documents and drawings through review cycles has been eliminated by using Aconex.
  • Cross organization communication has been sped up using Aconex and is an estimated 15% faster than before.
  • It is 60% faster to search for and locate documents using Aconex.
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Aconex allows us to manage and access data easily and quickly.

Dwayne Ziebarth
Engineering Project Coordinator