Connect Plus cuts a 30 step process down to 7 steps, saving 48 person hours per month

Project name: Connect Plus M25 Motorway | Industry: Road & RailProject size: US$128K to US$3.8 million. | Location: London, England

The Connect Plus consortium, including Balfour Beatty, Egis Road Operation UK and Edge Orbital Holdings Ltd., is responsible for maintaining the M25 Orbital Motorway around London for the next 30 years, covering 400 miles, with over 200,000 vehicles per day using parts of the network. They have significantly sped workflows, correspondence and contract management by using Oracle’s Aconex on this public project.


  • Difficulty managing a Community Forum with consistently up to date, accurate information
  • Design management and cross organization transmission challenges
  • Effectively communicating across the three main organizations on the project
  • Requirement for efficient ongoing contract administration


  • A single platform accessible by all team members, providing an up to date version of the truth.
  • An easily configurable system that can manage processes from design through operations.
  • A cloud based neutral ad secure solution on which all project teams can collaborate.
  • Easily configurable workflows to administer each contract across designated reviewers and process flow.


  • Managing the Community Forum use to take 40% of a full-time head, now it only takes 10%, so they can spend more time developing new processes and procedures such as new forms and reporting.
  • Faster and more predictable document access and information sharing between PM’s, engineers, designers and contractors.
  • Correspondence processing time has been reduced by cutting a 30 step process down to 7 steps, saving 48 person hours per month.
  • Time saved in NEC contract processing through the use of configurable workflows means Connect Plus representatives have been able spend their time on higher value project activities, such as building tools to automate other processes.
  • Implementation of workflows has made the process of reviewing Improvement and Renewals Certificates and Non-Design Submissions to Highways England quicker and easier taking only about 5 minutes per process.
  • Directors sign off is quicker and easier, reducing waiting time for acquiring signatures by several days.
  • Faster and more convenient to access documents and share information between PMs, engineers, designers and contractors.
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