WestNet Energy taps Aconex for one of Australia’s longest natural gas pipelines

Project name: Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline | Industry: Oil & GasProject size: US$1.6 billion | Location: Southwest region of Western Australia

The Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline extends nearly 1,600 kilometers from the Pilbara region to the southwest region of Western Australia. It is one of the longest and largest-capacity natural gas pipelines in Australia, supplying industrial, commercial and residential customers in Perth and major regional centers along the pipeline route.


  • 870 project participants representing 50 different organizations.
  • 160,000 documents and correspondence items.
  • Requirement to standardize information processes across all organizations.
  • Need for transparency and continuity of information, given the companies joining and leaving the project.


  • Aconex collaboration platform to control information flow and link the project team.
  • All project documents, drawings, schedules, specifications, and vendor documents in one system.
  • Central data repository that all participants can access.
  • File management and search capabilities for ease of finding information.


  • Improvement in project-wide communications over prior systems.
  • Standardized procedures for document numbering, submittals, approvals, and formal correspondence.
  • Consistency of data and processes across the project.
  • Efficient management of vendor documents.
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