Aconex gets on board rail project

Project name: Delhi Airport Metro Express | Industry: Road & RailProject size: US$626 million | Location: New Delhi, India

Delhi Airport Metro Express is a rail line linking Indira Gandhi International Airport to New Delhi city center. The six-station line is 22.7 kilometers long. Trains travel at up to 135 kilometers per hour, providing a travel time of 20 minutes between the airport and the city’s main shopping hub.


  • Effectively collaborating across teams based in Spain, Germany and Hong Kong.
  • Managing thousands of documents.
  • Ensuring team members are working with the latest document versions – without losing track of changes.
  • Identifying past actions and decisions – a record of what happened and why.


  • Project collaboration between disparate groups on a single, central system.
  • Access, distribution, tracking, and archiving of files in real time – from anywhere.
  • Automated workflows for review and approval.
  • Audit trail of who did what and when for the entire project.


  • 430 project participants used the system to efficiently manage 125,000 documents and 425,000 correspondence items.
  • Central document control team was replaced with just one administrator.
  • Logging of changes and discussions made document management more structured and auditable to avoid issues and disputes.
  • System dramatically reduced previous project printing requirements for time and cost savings.
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