Enprode speeds review cycles by 60% on Garri 3 and Port Sudan Power Plant projects

Project name: Garri 3 and Port Sudan | Industry: PowerLocation: Sudan


  • High profile public project with critical uptime requirements to provide power to the public
  • Sharing and collaborating on BIM files throughout the project team
  • Geographically dispersed teams with time zone and language barriers
  • Regulatory requirement of the government owner, STPG


  • Easy to use and fast to deploy platform with an excellent document and email search and retrieval, dashboards and configurable workflows
  • One single source of truth providing secure space for each organization and a complete audit trail of communication and decisions
  • Proven Connected BIM solution: project-wide access to models and data, clash detection and ability to view, rotate and mark up without authoring software


  • 60% faster document reviews, going from an average of 5 days to just 2 days and team members are notified of completion instantly, avoiding the previous 2-3 day delay
  • 60% faster clash detection and resolution. Previously 1-2 weeks, now just 1 day
  • Reduced risk of version confusion with all models accessible and version controlled through Aconex Connected BIM
  • Cost savings by adopting a secure cloud based central platform.No need to buy or maintain hardware or on premise software.
  • Using Aconex Connected BIM has improved access to and input from reviewers and has led to better project decisions.
  • As these models are handed over they, they will make ongoing operations and maintenance more efficient over the 25 year projected life of the power plant.
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