Oracle completed the acquisition of Aconex in March 2018. Aconex has become part of Oracle Construction and Engineering. This web site will be redirected to on February 28th, 2019.

EPFC cuts review cycle time by 50%

Project name: EPFC Corp Enterprise | Industry: Oil & GasLocation: Canada

EPFC Corp has implemented Aconex across their entire organization to improve efficiency and scalability. The firm integrates engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction (EPFC) through each phase of its oil and gas projects and requires a single platform to drive efficient collaboration across its entire supply chain.


  • Tight schedule deadlines.
  • Growing organization was outgrowing past, more manual processes.
  • Ensuring rapid access to the latest design information and documents from all of our locations (head office, manufacturing shop and field locations)


  • Technology partner to support implementation, adoption and success.
  • Enterprise-wide solution to provide consistent and predictable results across projects.
  • Access and visibility into project documentation and status.
  • Easy to use, fast to implement and scalable solution.


  • 50% faster review cycles.
  • Close out and data book creation is 75% faster than in the past.
  • Faster access to the right documents by the whole team saves engineering and document control time.
  • Centralized trackable information transfer keeps the project moving.
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