Delivering a £1-billion Construction Program with a CDE

Project name: Essential Living Residential Developments | Industry: Residential & CommercialProject size: US$1.3 billion | Location: London and South East England, UK

Essential Living has a strong record of delivering high-quality residential developments with a capital base of long-term institutional investment. The developer has set out to rewrite the rules on rental assets by building and operating a portfolio of affordable, large-scale, professionally managed properties. Five thousand apartments across London and the South East are being constructed as part of a £1-billion development, which will be managed in a Common Data Environment (CDE). The CDE will continue to grow as projects are added to the program.


  • Building multiple apartment complexes with on-time delivery, within budget and with high quality standards.
  • Finding a robust construction information management methodology suitable for a project of this size. 
  • Assuring that all external contractors and construction teams sharing project data are working with the current version.
  • Ensuring consistency of construction information across project participants by providing accuracy, accountability and control.


  • Project controls provide command and consistency of brand design standards, as deviations would result in a reduction of quality.
  • Configured reporting functionality supports on-demand views of a variety of information criteria.
  • Supply chain members are added as platform users and assigned access rights by role, with training provided.
  • During the tendering and construction phases, 17 unique process workflows have been established and deployed as standard across all projects.


  • Accurate and timely reporting communicates the true progress of each project to all participants.
  • The project team has used the CDE to manage 19 concurrent projects, involving 616 users at 135 different companies and 20,000 documents.
  • The team reviews project or program status in real time through a dashboard-style interface.
  • Using customizable reports, Essential Living analyzes supply chain compliance to identify trends and potential risks.


*Conject, which delivered this project, was acquired by Aconex in April 2016.

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