Sembol Brings Expo 2017 to Life on Aconex

Project name: Expo 2017 National Pavilion of Kazakhstan | Industry: Hospitality & CommunityProject size: US$1 Billion | Location: Astana, Kazakhstan

Expo, formerly known as the World’s Fair, attracts tens of millions of visitors and delivers significant economic and cultural impact. The two-square-kilometer Expo 2017 site was built around a giant globe, which was designed as an economic and sustainable grid shell structure. The exterior shell of the of the Kazakhstan Pavilion measured approximately 80 meters in diameter and was supported by a central core split into two parts for additional lateral rigidity. In the globe structure’s interior, floor slabs spanned from the core to the shell.


  • Complex, high-visibility project with an inflexible schedule.
  • Requirement for close collaboration and timely responses across the supply chain.
  • Difficult environment for both information technology (IT) and construction.
  • Severe climate with low temperatures for half of the year.


  • Construction management platform for collaboration across the supply chain of contractors and suppliers.
  • Automated workflow management for all design and construction processes.
  • Secure data access for all project partners and document version control for data consistency.
  • Searchable project database for fast recall of documents and communications.


  • Significant cost savings with a cloud-based platform rather than on-premise hardware and software.
  • Enterprise security standards and high reliability.
  • Fast implementation and training due to an intuitive user interface and purpose-built functionality.
  • Project delivery on schedule for opening day of Expo 2017.
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