Aconex helps hydro plant project flow

Project name: Foz Tua Hydroelectric Plant | Industry: PowerProject size: US$470 million | Location: Foz Tua, Portugal

The Foz Tua hydroelectric plant project involves the construction of two reversible power units generating 259 megawatts, with an annual production of 275 gigawatt hours. The operator is Energias de Portugal (EDP), Portugal’s largest industrial group and one of Europe’s major energy firms.


  • Hundreds of thousands of documents and correspondence items to manage.
  • Large team of engineers, consultants and contractors.
  • Need for project status tracking to minimize risk.
  • Requirement for real-time access to documents. 


  • Project collaboration between multiple organizations on a single, secure, central system.
  • Access, distribution, tracking, and archiving of files in real time.
  • Automated workflows for review and approval.
  • Audit trail of all project decisions and actions.


  • Efficiency and productivity improvements across the project team.
  • Timely review of all documents.
  • System up and running quickly due to local training and support.
  • Consistent processes across the project.
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