Groupe NOX has seen time savings of on average two days per approval cycle.

Project name: Enterprise | Industry: Residential & CommercialLocation: France

Groupe NOX was looking for a reliable, secure, collaborative, project-wide system to use as a common data environment (CDE) across multiple projects involving many participants. They selected Aconex because it was an open platform and able to connect with third party plug ins for tools they were currently using. Also, Aconex enabled them to optimize the management of multi-site projects, facilitate the sharing of and access to large documents in an expedient way, ensure they had visibility of a data audit trail and to secure the data stored.


  • Standard email approach could lead to the email not being picked up nor addressed.
  • The email process was tedious and led to information not being captured.
  • The approvals process was inefficient with drawings being submitted and approved or commented on via email.
  • A lack of consistency in the approach to codification and standardization to ensure attributes could be set up to suit each project.
  • The process in place didn’t provide real time access to trusted information or updated documents across widely dispersed teams both geographically or organizationally.


  • Optimizing the management of multi-site projects and those comprising geographically dispersed teams.
  • A CDE provides an accurate data audit trail and simplified access to information via a unique storage space for all the incoming and outgoing documents
  • Ability to share large documents efficiently and notify when something has been delivered and responded to.
  • Projects can be set up and configured to suit each specific requirement providing consistent naming conventions which improves data integrity and searchability.
  • It provides real-time access to trusted information or to updated documents.


  • 90% faster to store information. It used to take two to three minutes, and this is down to roughly ten seconds with Aconex.
  • 95% faster to find information. Looking through email inboxes and sent boxes took around 20-30 minutes previously but now information can be found in less than a minute.
  • A reduction in delays for receiving and responding to correspondence. Previously, this was delaying validation and approval of information.
  • Creating review sheets to capture all remarks has been removed along with the risk of error when consolidating other people’s comments. 
  • Engineers save time during the validation process and, when there is a rejection, the answer is immediately transmitted to the enterprise so there is no extra action on the customer's side.
  • Management of approvals has seen time savings of around two days per approval cycle.
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