Building schools for the future in Hackney

Project name: Hackney Schools | Industry: Health & EducationProject size: US$315 million | Location: Hackney, London, U.K.

The Hackney Council’s Building Schools for the Future (BSF) program targets the redevelopment of six secondary and four special education schools in the London borough. The program includes a significant investment in information and communications technology at each of the schools. The projects are being completed in multiple phases to ensure maximum efficiency in delivery. 


  • Requirement for secure storage of and easy access to comprehensive project information.
  • Difficulty of managing information and processes across multiple systems and email accounts.
  • Crucial need for document version control to minimize errors and keep the projects on schedule.
  • Ability to search and find precise project data quickly.


  • Central, common platform for managing drawings, documents and correspondence.
  • Audit trail of all project activities and archiving of all document versions.
  • Web search capabilities for fast, easy searches.
  • Project implementation plus unlimited training and support.


  • More than 570 individuals from 60 different organizations managed over 160,000 documents and communications.
  • Design and document reviews and approvals were accelerated.
  • Historical and current project data was recorded permanently and available on demand.
  • Transparency and accountability improved across the project team.
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