Hamburg Team Streamlines Cost Control

Project name: Hamburg Team Multiple Projects | Industry: Residential & CommercialLocation: Hamburg, Germany

In collaboration with Hamburg Team, renowned architectural firms have combined their efforts to develop singular designs and futuristic urban quarters. Their portfolio includes sophisticated new buildings as well as the further development of historic buildings. Hamburg Team’s services extend through the entire life span of development ‒ from the initial calculation of space to handover of the built asset to the owner. The firm has set new standards as builders, managers, planners, and representatives of owner interests.


  • Ensuring the reliability of data during simultaneous multi-company collaboration and internal processing. 
  • Protecting confidential data in Excel spreadsheets with access rights and risk of unauthorized staff making unapproved changes. 
  • Limited knowledge of projects and processes within a small subset of the project teams. 
  • Increasing risk of losing important information that was not saved as the teams grew in size.


  • Project cost management solution improved data security and stability and guaranteed a structured approval system. 
  • The solution was easy for the project teams to learn and use.
  • Existing cost structures were standardized, and a budget template was designed to apply to all projects.
  • Solution enabled the creation of a simple invoice workflow to improve efficiency. 


  • The workflow connects the tasks of project participants and monitors each invoice to provide visibility and control.
  • The project teams have access to a completely new level of structured cost tracking.
  • They also have a consistent view of current order and payment status.
  • This information can quickly and easily be transmitted to banks and investors.


*Conject, which delivered this project, was acquired by Aconex in April 2016.

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