Morgan Ashurst upgrades health facilities across U.K. with Aconex

Project name: Health Facility Developments | Industry: Health & EducationLocation: U.K. – multiple locations

Morgan Ashurst develops National Health Service (NHS) facilities across the U.K. New health centers require a building design and construction plan that reflects extensive consultation with community groups. Morgan Ashurst is now Morgan Sindall Group. 


  • High-profile community projects with multiple stakeholders.
  • Risk associated with traditional methods of project information management – paper, couriers, email.
  • Administrative time and cost for document and correspondence management.
  • Risk of disputes between different organizations.


  • Comprehensive information control and tracking system.
  • Online collaboration bringing disparate data and processes together in one logical network.
  • Automatic version updates to avoid information conflicts.
  • Tracking of all correspondence, workflows, drawings, and procurement throughout the project lifecycle.


  • Efficient management of high volumes of detailed information.
  • Administrative time and cost savings.
  • Decreased document printing, photocopying and distribution costs.
  • Reduced risk of errors and disputes.
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