Aconex gets oil terminal project flowing

Project name: Helios Terminal | Industry: Oil & GasProject size: US$150 million | Location: Singapore

The 450,000-cubic-meter oil storage terminal is located on Jurong Island’s petroleum hub and comprises 18 oil production tanks.


  • Control downstream communications with suppliers and subcontractors around the world.
  • Communicate effectively with owner’s project management team.
  • Exchange large volume of information between parties – particularly during tendering and procurement processes.
  • Work on only the latest versions of project documents.


  • Online platform to manage project documents and correspondence.
  • Project-wide collaboration on a single, central system.
  • Ability to share project data across geographies in real time.
  • Automated workflows for controlling project processes.


  • Faster review and approval processes, with reduction of paper transmittals and submittals.
  • Over 400 team members from 70 organizations on the system.
  • More than 70,000 documents and correspondence items managed.
  • Fewer document controllers needed – project-wide improvement in productivity.
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Tingyou Yang,Executive General Manager.