Homeless housing project team finds shelter with Aconex

Project name: Homeless Housing Initiative | Industry: Residential & CommercialProject size: US$50 million | Location: Melbourne, Australia

This inner-city housing complex for the homeless in Melbourne was developed by Grocon in partnership with the Victorian Government, Yarra Community Housing and Homeground Services. Grocon built the facility at cost and requested that its suppliers provide their services either pro bono or at cost. The Aconex platform was provided for the project at no cost.

The project was based on the New York City initiative Common Ground, which has helped reduce NYC homelessness by 25% since 2005. The 10-story building in Melbourne houses up to 120 people as well as on-site mental health referral services, drug and alcohol counseling, and employment services.


  • Collaboration between consultants, contractors, subcontractors, and other organizations.
  • Thousands of drawings and documents to track and manage.
  • Project status tracking to manage risk.
  • Commitment to fast project completion for service initiation.


  • Project collaboration between different organizations on a single system.
  • Management of all project communications, documents and drawings.
  • Real-time access, distribution, tracking, and archiving of files.
  • Automated workflows for faster review and approval.


  • Project teams shared and updated drawings and documents efficiently.
  • Documents were reviewed and approved in a timely fashion.
  • Project-defined workflows ensured process control.
  • Full audit trail reduced risk of errors and costly rework.
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