Horizon Nuclear Power has achieved a 25% improvement in operational efficiency across the project

Project name: Wylfa Newydd project | Industry: PowerLocation: Island of Anglesey, North Wales

Horizon Nuclear Power, a UK energy company developing a new generation of nuclear power stations, required a solution for the Wylfa Newydd project that was 100% complete and accurate, to enable the effective tracking of over 1 million documents, multiple suppliers and at peak around 9,000 onsite workers during the construction program. The Horizon IT teams wanted to create a solution that created a digital twin, providing an IT blueprint for other new nuclear projects globally.


  • Obligations to meet Nuclear Site License and Office for Nuclear Regulation requirements.
  • Having to prove full control of activities on the project sites and suitability of organization, site and design.
  • Requiring a solution that is 100% complete, accurate and able to track over 1 million documents across multiple suppliers
  • Aim to create a solution that creates a digital twin and provides an IT blueprint for other new nuclear projects globally.


  • Secure, proven cloud-based system, easy to configure to meet project and regulatory requirements.
  • Single central system that could meet the regulatory license document control requirements.
  • System with no size or space constraints providing meta based storage and search.
  • Creation of a digital twin to meet world’s most stringent civil nuclear regulations.


  • 25% improvement in operational efficiency across the project though communication management enhancements.
  • 25% reduction in operational document control costs.
  • 10% reduction in overall IT costs by moving to a cloud-based system.
  • Between 4,000 and 8,000 man-hours saved annually on document access and review, across 100 team members.
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