Shimizu reduces paperwork by 66% on Jakarta MRT

Project name: Shimizu Jakarta MRT Packages 104 and 105 | Industry: Road & RailProject size: $170 million | Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) was built to support over nine million residents of Jakarta and over four million others who commute into Jakarta. The system stretches across approximately 108 kilometers. Ground was broken in 2013, with Phase 1 scoped for six years. The entire project consists of eight construction packets. Packets CP 104 and CP 105 involve underground construction.


  • Document handling, sharing and management across different geographically dispersed organizations. 
  • Managing version history and changes throughout the project.
  • Transmitting and reviewing large files across the project team.
  • Adhering to data security requirements.


  • Project-wide information and process management platform.
  • Advanced search and linking capabilities to find what is needed, with the related documentation.
  • Unlimited file size and an integrated viewer to eliminate file format issues.
  • Secure cloud-based platform giving each organization its own work space for easy sharing and collaboration.


  • 50% reduction in document controllers compared to conventional methods of document handling.
  • 33% time savings in finding and tracking documents.
  • 66% reduction in paperwork.
  • 20% faster reviews and responses.
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