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JAPEX manages massive LNG project on Aconex

Project name: JAPEX Soma LNG Terminal | Industry: Oil & GasProject size: US$500 million | Location: Shinchi Town, Japan

JAPEX is using the Aconex platform to manage construction of its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal. Project deliverables consist of a cargo ship berth, a massive storage tank and a connecting pipeline for LNG. The 40-kilometer pipeline will transfer vaporized gas from the terminal in Soma Port to the JAPEX Niigata-Sendai Pipeline. The three-year delivery schedule is accelerated compared to other LNG terminal projects. Plans for the terminal include measures to protect all facilities from the effects of earthquakes and tsunamis.   


  • Complex, ambitious, high-visibility energy project. 
  • Requirement to process documents, correspondence and workflows in Japanese. 
  • Geographically dispersed project team. 
  • Aggressive schedule for an LNG project, with a high risk profile for the joint ventures involved. 


  • Project-wide collaboration using the Japanese language. 
  • Strong on-the-ground support team in Japan. 
  • Document control and communications on a secure, neutral, cloud-based platform. 
  • Workflow management for process alignment and transparency across the project team. 


  • Improved efficiency and consistency for significant time and cost savings. 
  • Reduced likelihood of errors and rework as a result of controlled workflows. 
  • Risk mitigation through document control and a project audit trail. 
  • Fast, easy searches for documents and other project information.
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