Aconex Supports Mine Feasibility Study

Project name: Kitsault Molybdenum Mine | Industry: MiningProject size: US$747 million | Location: British Columbia, Canada

Kitsault Mine is one of the world’s top five primary molybdenum deposits. The project involves a feasibility study, followed by detailed engineering, procurement and construction of the mine.


  • Complex mine feasibility, engineering, procurement, and construction project.
  • Large volume of documents generated that must be shared efficiently.
  • Requirement for structured data management.
  • Need to mitigate risk and meet regulatory requirements.


  • Single platform for document management and control, bidding and tendering processes, and correspondence management.
  • Ability to access, distribute, track, and archive files in real time.
  • Logging and tracking of every file, allowing the project team to check status at any time.
  • Permanent, secure audit trail with cumulative record of actions and decisions.


  • Streamlining of the tenders and early feasibility stages of the project.
  • Accelerated communication processes with centrally stored and easily retrievable data.
  • Aconex as “single source of truth,” reducing risk of disputes and delays.
  • Easy data retrieval to save time and increase productivity.


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