Two pipelines carry oil and gas to India’s shore

Project name: Leighton Welspun Contractors | Industry: Oil & GasProject size: US$200 million | Location: Indian Ocean

Leighton Welspun is building the Heera RD Phase-II Pipeline and an additional pipeline for India’s Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). These underwater pipelines, each approximately 75 kilometers long, transport oil and gas from production platforms in the Heera and Mumbai High fields in the Arabian Sea.


  • Multiple geographically dispersed organizations on the project team.
  • Information access needed at anytime from anywhere.
  • Many files too large to distribute over commercial email.
  • Project status tracking key to managing risk. 


  • Collaboration platform centralizes all project information in one place for secure access by the entire project team.
  • Mobile apps enable access to information from iOS and Android devices.
  • Audit trail provides record of who did what and when.
  • Aconex implementation, training and support got the project up and running quickly.


  • Whether on site, on the road or in the office, project managers can capture information, respond to RFIs, view and mark up documents, and make timely, actionable decisions.
  • Permanent audit trail minimizes issues related to prior decisions or actions.
  • Documents for all suppliers are captured, processed, tracked, and reported for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Project cost and risk are reduced.
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