Losange Déploiement got the THD Grand Est project up and running on Aconex in 8 days

Project name: THD Grand Est project | Industry: PowerLocation: France

The team at Losange Déploiement previously used Aconex on the THD Alsace project and based on their positive experience, selected to use Aconex for the THD Grand Est project. Their employees were trained on Aconex and it helped solve a number of project challenges. They are using Aconex to create an audit trail and codification of project documentation and also to enable geographically dispersed project participants access to a tool that can be used anywhere and by all organizations.


  • Project participants located in multiple geographies and producing a high volume of documentation specific to each worksite, created the potential for confusion between information, resulting in time delays.  
  • The need for a system to provide an audit trail to create a clear picture of all the documentation on the project.
  • The necessity for a secure way for project participants to upload, access and modify documentation.
  • Lack of a consistent approach to codification and standardisation to ensure streamlined processes and reliable reporting.


  • Perfect document referencing and quick validation of project documentation in design phase, thanks to simple workflows linked to each worksite, allowing time to be saved on the project.
  • Codification within the platform to easily link documents and the worksite they are referring to.
  • A platform that ensures users rights and facilitates access to information for all project members, in a secure way.
  • Standardisation of available metadata in the document register ensures reports are consistent and facilitates communication between project members.


  • 2-3 days are saved per workflow (from 10 to 7 or 8 days).
  • Using a manual workflow via email some documents could be missed or sent to the wrong person. However, with Aconex workflows, documents are sent to the right people instantly and the process is more reliable.
  • 1-2 hours are saved searching for the right document. With Aconex finding the right document is immediate.
  • 60% fewer people managing the document flow. Only 4 people as opposed to 10 that may have been required without Aconex.
  • The project was up and running in 8 days.
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