Aconex helps keep Luton Schools on track

Project name: Luton Building Schools for the Future | Industry: Health & EducationLocation: Luton, U.K.

The Building Schools for the Future program focuses on the redevelopment and upgrade of secondary schools across the borough of Luton, U.K. 


  • Compressed schedules, multiple stakeholders and public visibility.
  • Requirement to link the public- and private-sector organizations involved in the project.
  • Significant volumes of documents, drawings and correspondence.
  • Need for a permanent record of the project.


  • Web-based system for managing all project information.
  • Access, distribution and tracking by all participants on a central platform in real time.
  • Storage and exchange of data for each project and across the program.
  • Standardization of document management and approvals, correspondence management and tender processing.


  • Visibility of project information flow and a record of transactions and correspondence.
  • Fast access to project data on demand.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Controlled risk.
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