Aconex helps developer meet safety laws

Project name: Mangiavacchi Pedercini - Italy | Industry: Residential & Commercial

All parties involved in construction projects in Italy must prequalify to guarantee a better level of safety and health for workers. This is known as the “Consolidated Safety Law.” As a main contractor, Mangiavacchi Pedercini is required to verify each supplier’s compliance before work is assigned to them. Mangiavacchi Pedercini uses the Aconex platform during the initial stage of projects to certify contractors. 


  • Managing documents required by safety regulations necessitated significant time and staff.
  • Traditional solutions using Outlook, Excel and CDs couldn’t guarantee the flow of information to all clients.
  • Extensive manual entry and recording of data was time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Documents and correspondence could be easily deleted or lost, leaving no record.


  • Aconex platform for project information and process management.
  • Single, secure collaboration solution for the entire team.
  • Automated workflows accelerating review and approval processes.
  • Permanent, secure document archiving.


  • Within the first nine months, more than 60 companies had uploaded over 5,000 documents to the platform.
  • Costs related to staff hours and printing were reduced.
  • User-friendly solution encouraged high usage and efficiency gains across the team.
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