Metrolinx accelerates productivity across transportation projects

Project name: Metrolinx | Industry: Road & RailProject size: Projects ranging from C$8 to $100 million | Location: Ontario, Canada

Metrolinx has managed over 50 projects on Aconex, including: the Kipling Mobility Hub (C$109 million), a major transit station that will integrate subway, regional rail, rapid transit, and local bus service; Cooksville Parking Garage Structure (C$100 million), which provides additional parking at the Cooksville Mobility Hub; and Milton Layover Expansion Trains 9 and 10 (C$8 million), a peak- period train service between Union Station and the town of Milton.


  • Manual processes plagued productivity, running up countless hours in tracking document transmission and receipt status via Excel.  
  • Difficulty of verifying the latest version of documents led to errors and rework, increasing project costs.
  • Lack of transparency made it impossible to track status of project workflows, communications or other actions.
  • Without a single platform across projects, it was difficult to standardize and streamline processes.


  • Instant access to information and powerful search tools have dramatically increased the speed of data retrieval.
  • Workflows are configured based on project and document type, with deadlines and obligations aligned with contractual terms. 
  • Reporting is based on metadata and workflows, and can be filtered by the status or location of a process or document.
  • Managing multiple projects on one platform helped standardize and improve process execution.


  • Project report reviews decreased from 30 minutes to under five, a time savings of over 80%.
  • Turnaround times for shop drawing reviews decreased from 10 to eight days, improving cycles on subsequent consultant contracts.
  • Automated tracking and accessibility of workflows saved C$45,500 per year in full-time head count.
  • Engineering time spent searching for documents and drawings decreased from 20 minutes each to 0, saving $C41,600 per year.
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