Aconex helps power construction of transmission line

Project name: Minnkota Power Transmission Project | Industry: PowerProject size: US$350 million | Location: North Dakota

The Center to Grand Forks (CGF) project involves the construction of a 250-mile, high-voltage transmission line through 11 counties from central North Dakota to Grand Forks. The CGF project will meet Minnkota’s obligations as a transmission services provider for grid reliability and address a long-standing need to increase voltage support in the northern Red River Valley region.


  • Five-year project is large and complex, with aggressive deadlines.
  • Project team members, contractors and consultants had maintained files on different systems and FTP sites.
  • Transferring large documents was time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  • Ensuring that information was up to date, accurate and available on a timely basis was difficult. 


  • Improved flow of information for faster decision making.
  • Instant access, distribution, tracking, and archiving of project information on one secure, neutral system.
  • Real-time, centralized access to all project documentation from anywhere, at any time.
  • Automated workflows to ensure review and approval of latest versions of documents. 


  • Enabled project collaboration between 150 individuals from 10 different organizations.
  • Eliminated the cost of a full-time administrator, servers, upgrades, and training for an additional FTP site – estimated to total US$500,000 to $1 million over five years.
  • Reduced project administration staffing requirements by focusing two employees on document control to save an estimated 5–10 hours per week for each of 20-25 Minnkota employees.
  • Improved reliability for power customers due to faster access to project records for better reconstruction planning, fewer change orders and more efficient use of reconstruction resources.
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