Aconex Helps Freeway Project Go the Extra Mile

Project name: Mitchell Freeway Extension | Industry: Road & RailProject size: US$120 million | Location: Perth, Australia

The four-kilometer Mitchell Freeway extension includes two lanes in each direction, three interchanges, three bridges, a pedestrian overpass, and relocation of the existing railway. 


  • Project team of more than 250 participants and 50 dispersed organizations.
  • Thousands of documents and correspondence items to manage.
  • Communications between organizations using traditional hard copy and couriers.
  • Information management that is time-consuming, difficult to control and lacks required visibility.


  • Neutral, cloud-based platform.
  • Collaboration between many different project organizations on a single, central system.
  • Management of documents, drawings, correspondence, and other project information.
  • Project-defined workflows to automate RFIs and other manual processes.


  • Time savings across the project.
  • Minimization of risk and errors with workflows.
  • Quality control to ensure document receipt by all appropriate parties.
  • Improved client relationship.
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Hans Hoppe, Principal Risk Manager