Upscale developer turns to Aconex

Project name: Naissance Villas and Marina Development | Industry: Residential & CommercialLocation: Koh Samui Island, Thailand

Naissance Villas and Marina consists of two luxury villas, Villa Shamila and Villa Perta. These include dining and living quarters, a spa, a gym, a library, a cinema, and swimming pools. Other facilities include a beach club, a restaurant and a floating lounge in the bay.


  • Upscale project with emphasis on quality and tight integration of consultants and contractors.
  • Many documents and correspondence items to manage.
  • Need for project team members to access and share information in real time.
  • Coordinated workflow processes to avoid slowdown.


  • Aconex platform for effective information and process management.
  • Document and correspondence management through one central, online platform.
  • Viewing, distribution and tracking of files at any time, from any location.
  • Streamlined review and approval processes through workflow automation.


  • Improved productivity of the entire project team.
  • Fast access to files for time and cost savings.
  • Reduced administrative, printing and postage costs.
  • Reduced exposure to the risk of disputes and quality issues.
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The Aconex platform was a great solution for this complex project.
Chris van Beek, President