NZICC Rises Up with Aconex

Project name: New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC) | Industry: Hospitality & CommunityLocation: Auckland, New Zealand

The New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC) is the largest purpose-built convention center in the country. NZICC is capable of hosting 3,150 people, with 32,500 square meters of floor space – five times larger than other convention facilities in New Zealand. The project also includes a five-star, 300-room hotel and a laneway featuring specialty retail and signature restaurants and bars.


  • Managing high volumes of project correspondence and documents across 140 organizations and 500 users.
  • Limitations of commercial email and file-sharing software.
  • Difficulty of searching for information and knowing which information is current.
  • Compiling handover information after project completion.


  • Effective, project-wide document control and process management.
  • Structured communications and search capabilities.
  • Immediate access to project data and correspondence, from anywhere.
  • Digital operation and maintenance manuals compiled progressively through the project.


  • Efficient collaboration across an expanding project team – without file systems, emails or hard copies.
  • Fast, easy searches for current and prior versions of documents and correspondence.
  • Project team familiarity with Aconex for rapid adoption and usage.
  • Smooth handover from contractor to owner for enhanced asset lifecycle management.
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Evelin Wheeler
Executive Director, Generation Development